Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sorry to be Away

Sorry for not posting over the last week or two. I have been trying to finish my dissertation and have been working on it alot. Sometimes you just have to focus on one thing and let others "go" for a period of time. Paul

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Microwave Solution to Mental Health

One of the things that continues to bother me as a psychologist is that people are way too often looking for easy answers to their problems. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies continue to have a huge influence on the general public in telling them that they have a "chemical imbalance" that can quickly be rectified with their "magic pill". Medications are a very helpful tool in helping people with depression, anxiety and many other mental disorders, but are not the only or even sometimes the best answer to helping with their problems. Drug companies would have you believe that you can quickly eliminate your problems by simply taking a pill. Medications treat symptoms not causation, and should never be mistaken for a "cure". The only cures are to look at and deal with what is causing the "chemical imbalance", rather than just accepting it as a strictly biological event. "Cures" frequently come in the form of psychological or social assistance in fixing relationships, dealing with grieving, alcohol or drug problems etc. The goal of a good psychologist or other mental health clinician should be in the beginning to help an individual to recognize if they need "only medication", "only psychotherapy" or a combination of both, and then to direct them toward the necessary services or resources. Frequently there are no "microwave solutions to good mental health".

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is Happiness such a mystery?

See the recent article on my website( Happier Than We Think? ) and tell me what you think. Happiness is not such a mystery. Researchers are continuing to find that it is more related to personal characteristics than an individual's circumstances. Paul

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome to Psych Talk

Hello, My name is Paul Susic and I am a Licensed Psychologist in private practice and the Editor of and I have just began this blog as a way for the general public as well as mental health clinicians to discuss issues related to psychology and the treatment of mental health issues. I really want to keep this blog informative, fun and "friendly", and will remove comments meant to be unkind, prejudicial etc. I want to provide a sharing opportunity between others rather than constantly answering questions about diagnosis, medications etc. However, if you would please tell me the kinds of things that you would like to see on this blog, I would appreciate it. Thanks and keep coming back as this blog continues to grow. Paul Susic